Make the most of your Holidays at Get2ICT. We offer exciting and innovative technology-based activities ideally suited to the holiday program.

At Get2ICT, we believe children learn the most when they’re having fun. That’s why our programmes offer a wide range of both indoor and outdoor activities, from group work and games to simply running around outside! Outdoor robotics such as Bee-bots allow children to make the most of 21st-century technology without having to be stuck inside all day, so make sure your child comes along with a sunhat and sunscreen! 


 4-Day Programme 200,000UGX   –   9-3pm each day

T-Shirts & Certificate-Of-Completion (certificates on request) For Full Week Students

Early drop off & late pickups available on request! ( From 8.30am – 4.00pm)

Sibling discount available.

Children with an urge to learn more about computers, coding, 3D design, robots, electronic building blocks, and how to create their own inventions, games,  animations & apps.

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SIBLINGSLOVE: Siblings Discount – Enrol siblings together to receive 6% off each child’s fee (For 2 days or more)

A Typical Day

Monday – Thursday

8.30am – 8.45am: Early check-in for special requests

9.15am: Meet & greet for morning announcements, ice breakers & team building activities.

9.30am: Split into topic groups. Grab laptop, iPad, robots, discuss & reflect. Open-ended design!

10.30am: Break – Check-in & Indoor & Outdoor Activities

12.30pm: Lunchtime – Indoor & Outdoor Activities, make new friends, have fun or just chill.

1pm: Back to labs, reflect, learn collaborate and create, work on Final Project!

2pm: Break – Check-in & Indoor & Outdoor Activities

3pm: Wrap up projects and reflect. Pick Up

Thursday Final Project Day 2.30pm: Present Projects & Prototypes


What else we do...

  • Gaming Club

  • Cooking Classes

  • Online computer Classes

  • Homework assistance

  • COVID-19 Support for Children and Schools